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Pictures Wanted!!

Please send us your most recent snapshot (either digital or hard copy) of your Cadillac or LaSalle. We are eager to post members’ pictures on our web site. Whether your car is show-quality, a daily driver, or still in the restoration process, we welcome all pictures. Please send your picture(s) to either Rob Bogan at bogan@salsgiver.com  or CLC Pgh Pictures, 1020 Carlisle St., Natrona Hgts., PA 15065.

Thank You,
The Pittsburgh Region CLC Team  


To start this off, above are a couple of pictures of our cars.  The first is a ’31 LaSalle convertible coupe with Bev, “Our Girls” and myself.  The second is a ’93 Coupe deVille, which we bought new.  Both cars scored first in their class at the ’17 CLCGN.

Mike Josephic’s Stunning ’55 Eldorado.  It was Best of Show at the Cadillac Grand National in Savannah, GA in 2007.  Absolutely beautiful!!!

David Lee’s ‘76 Coupe DeVille from Erie.   Very sharp looking Caddy!

Don Grossi’s magnificent ’29 Cadillac 341-B Roadster.  It was a Blue Ribbon winner at the 2009 Concours d'Elegance of America in Troy, Michigan.  Bev and I wish our LaSalle looked as good.

Dan Wykoff’s beautiful ’85 SeVille with only 11,800 miles.   It's an inspiration for me to work on our Eldorado of the same vintage!

Mark Demyan’s ’68, circa 1981.  He bought it in 1980, when he was 17.  It was a daily driver back then.  Looked good at that time

But WOW! Much better today!

John Rocco’s Gorgeous 1937 LaSalle




      Looks like a great picture at Whispering Pines Festival in the Woods and Car Cruise in Cabot, Pa.  But check the rear wheel.  Yep, stuck in soft soil.

And the solution.  Many thanks to the owner of Whispering Pines (tractor driver) and everyone else!!!  Also note the poor rear whitewalls.  Tomorrow’s project.

Moral of the story, just because other cars are parked there don’t forget you’re driving a 4500 lbs. car with skinny tires.  Check conditions before you go off road!!!




Oldies But Goodies


Dan Wykoff’s late father in 1950 while he was a medic with a new U.S. Army Cadillac ambulance.  And my parents, circa 1945, with what I thought was a LaSalle; but not so sure.  Any guesses?

Would love to post more of theses types of old pictures with cars!  Any more out there?

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