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CADDY CHATTER by Lee Herbermann  Sept. 2017

Cadillac traffic was heavier heading east around the first of August as CLC members headed to the Grand National in McLean, VA. Groups from Illinois and Indiana joined groups from the Pittsburgh area in New Stanton to caravan to the GN. Over one thousand people were registered for the event with over four hundred Cadillac’s and LaSalle’s filling the Hilton parking lot. Tours started on Tuesday with the welcome party sponsored by Cadillac on Wednesday night and what a PARTY Cadillac sponsored.

New judging rules and judges fresh from judging school did not discourage Western PA members from showing their Cadillac’s and LaSalle’s. Jared Aiello, Rob Bogan, Steven Greenberg, Lee Herbermann and Ray, Frank & Sam Tomasello all took awards home.

Guest speaker at the awards dinner was Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen who spoke on things we can expect to see from Cadillac in the future. The future looks very bright. Sunday morning after farewell’s all headed home promising to attend again in the future.

As an aside, a delay (wheel bearing problem) was encountered at the New Stanton rest area on Sunday evening by a '58 Brougham (stainless steel top) heading to Michigan. No problem, several guys coming home from Chryslers at Carlisle had the equipment to do the repair. The '58 was back on the road after a short delay. You just have to love old car guys.

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